Emotionally Disturbed Man Shoots Gun In Home

At 3:40 pm Tuesday, July 1 the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office responded to 2618 SE Country Club Road due to a 911 call reporting a suicidal subject in the home with a gun.

While deputies were responding, the caller told the dispatcher that Robert Larson, 49 armed himself with a pistol during an argument and made threats to commit suicide.

Once on scene, the investigation revealed that after Robert armed himself, he fired a pistol into a piece of furniture and then made statements about killing himself. The caller, who was his girlfriend, talked Robert into discarding the gun and Robert then ran out of the home.

A perimeter was set and a Sheriff’s Office K9 team responded and began a search for Robert. A Sheriff’s Office Negotiator was able to make phone contact with Robert and was talking with him when Sgt. Pete Spurlock saw him by a nearby residence.

Sgt. Spurlock and Deputy Latimer took Robert into protective custody under the Baker Act without incident.

The bullet fired inside the home did not leave the residence and no one was injured.