Four Sheriff’s Office Members Promoted

On Monday, August 19, 2013, in a ceremony attended by family, friends and Sheriff’s Office Members, Sheriff Mark Hunter promoted four Deputy Sheriffs. Deputy Sheriff Clint Dicks was promoted to Corporal and is assigned at Columbia High School as a School Resource Deputy. Deputy Sheriff Thomas Mansfield was promoted to Corporal and is assigned to the Patrol Division. Corporals Don Meyer and Richard Glover were both promoted to Sergeant and are assigned as Watch Commanders in the Patrol Division.

We would like to congratulate all four Deputy Sheriffs on their promotions and wish them luck in their new assignments.

Clint Dicks (L) Sheriff Mark Hunter (R)

Thomas Mansfield (L) Sheriff Mark Hunter (R)


Don Meyer (L) Sheriff Mark Hunter (R)

Richard Glover (L) Sheriff Mark Hunter (R)