STORM UPDATE 06/28/2012 2:15 PM

Columbia County officials are requesting the support of all residents on two key issues that have come to light in the aftermath of Tropical Story Debby and our widespread flooding.
Residents are strongly urged to avoid doing any individual pumping or trenching of water that is located on your property. Individual/private pumping or trenching of water on your property will in all likelihood move the flooding from your land to that of adjacent landowners resulting in new or additional damage to one or more neighbor’s home and property. This has the potential of costing you monetary  damages and creating significant ill-will between neighbors.

Your cooperation in this issue would be greatly appreciated. If you have questions about the pumping issue, call the Columbia County Public Works
Department at 758-1019

Also, please be reminded that this is not a recommended time to have septic tanks pumped out. If you hire someone to do this work currently, you will be wasting money and causing
yourself a lot of agitation.

After pumping, your septic tank will fill back up with water in the ground through drain fields, older septic tanks could potentially collapse because of the pressure on the walls from the abundance of water, or even pop-up out of the ground. If you call an area company about pumping, be sure to address the issues outlined above before having the work done.

All such responsible companies will advise you to wait until the area-wide flooding subsides. For additional information on pumping or if you suspect potential contamination of your well for drinking purposes, contact the Columbia County Health Department at 758-1058. The agency also provides well water testing  for a nominal fee.